Barely a week goes by without an accident or act of terrorism being reported. The targets of explosive attacks usually take place in very public areas. Naturally, the biggest concern is for loss of life. This can be minimized by protecting the building too in the event of an explosion.

Government offices, transport terminals, schools, shopping malls, banks, museums, hospitals etc… all this need added protection against various forms of malicious attack.

Making the right choices to provide appropriate protection is a major concern – for the building itself and for its contents, such as valuable assets or sensitive information. But of course, the most importation concern is the protection of people, who may even be in a direct line of fire or under threat of physical attack.

Vetrogard® Blast provides a trustworthy preventative solution in these dangerous situations, offering ultimate protection against explosions. Where there is no danger of injury from flying glass fragments, the splintering version of Vetrogard® Blast is a safe yet cost-effective solution.

To protect those in the immediate vicinity of the glass, the non-splintering variant can be chosen, which further counter-acts the effects of explosive attack by eliminating the risk of injury from flying glass. View our product page for blast resistant glass.