Produced by the joint-venture of Corning Inc. and Saint-Gobain, Keralite is a fully code compliant fire protective glass-ceramic able to resist high temperature and thermal shock. This “standard grade” material is a cost effective and “wire-free” fire-rated glass alternative, ideal solution for ensuring the unobstructed view and entry of daylight while keeping critical fire compartments safe. Ideal for fire door vision-lites with the addition of safety film.

  • 3/16″ (5-mm) thickness
  • UL listed for up to 3 hours
  • Hose-stream tested
  • Very high light transmission values of up to 88%
  • EPD and HPD certificates available
  • Available as filmed or laminated safety glass

IFTS fire resistance testing laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited to a number of European, North American and International standards.